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    50000 Counts High Accuracy Multimeter With USB
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    Electric instrument and DC power supply
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    Key Features 50000 counts measurement Large LCD with full angel ACV and DCV measurements reach up to 1000V. DC measurement accuracy reaches up to 0.03%. 0.01 Ω resistance resolution and 1μV voltage re...
50000 Counts High Accuracy
Multimeter With USB

Key Features
50000 counts measurement
Large LCD with full angel
ACV and DCV measurements reach up to 1000V.
DC measurement accuracy reaches up to 0.03%.
0.01 Ω resistance resolution and 1μV voltage resolution.
Linear frequency measurement, logic frequency/duty ratio measurement.
Capacitance measurement from 0.01nf to 5000μF.
AC/DC true RMS measureme.
dBm measurement
Maximum value/minimum value measurement, Relative measurement.
50-segment analog bar display.
Automatic shutdown/continuous working mode selection.
Back light control.
PC-LINK: USB infrared interface.
Display, record and graphics software of computer.
Overload protection.
Sound alarm for misplug.

Basic Functions Range Accuracy
DC Voltage 50mV/500mV/5V/50V/500V/1000V ±(0.03%+10)
AC Voltage 50mV/500mV/5V/50V/500V/1000V ±(0.5%+40)
DC Current 500μA/5000μA/50mA/500mA/5A/10A ±(0.15%+15)
AC Current 500μA/5000μA/50mA/500mA/5A/10A ±(0.75%+20)
Resistance 500Ω/5KΩ/50KΩ/500KΩ/5MΩ
Capacitance 50nF/500nF/5μF/50μF
Line Frequency 5Hz~200KHz ±(0.006%+4)
Pulse Frequency 5Hz~2MHz ±(0.006%+4)
Duty Cycle 5%~95% ±(2%+5)
Diode 0~2.5V ±(1%+5)
Accessories included: 
• Free 1.5V x6  AAA batteries 
• Free  carrying bag
• High quality double insulation test  leads
• User's Manual
• Free USB interface cable
• Free Software